It’s a race against the clock for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer, these doctors are helping to buy time.

Using cutting-edge technology, a team of top doctors will test multiple treatments on a patient’s cancer cells to determine which would be most effective.

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Toronto, Canada
Pancreatic Cancer Canada
Pancreatic Cancer Canada
Toronto, Canada
Dr. Jennifer KnoxDr. Elizabeth Jaffee

Dr. Jennifer Knox

Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee

Latest Update: Update from Dr. Jennifer Knox, Lead Researcher, on the progress of the PASS-01 trial:
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Project Summary

Dr. Jennifer Knox and her team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre are working to change that with a new research project called PASS-01, which aims to broaden our understanding of this disease to ultimately give patients their greatest chance at a longer life.

Doctors currently don’t know enough about the different subtypes of pancreatic cancer to determine which of the two leading chemotherapy treatments might actually help an individual patient.

Through the use of genomic analysis and organoid technology, PASS-01 aims to determine potential predictors of patient response to chemotherapy. As well, PASS-01 will explore the identification of specific biomarkers that indicate which patients respond better to one treatment or another.

In the video below, family and friends of Bryan Irwin share the life he lived and why supporting PASS-01 became part of his legacy.

Project Length4 years
GoalOur goal is to give patients with advanced pancreatic cancer the greatest possibility of a longer life through personalized medicine. To do this we need to increase foundational understanding about the different subtypes of pancreatic cancer and the efficacy of potential biomarkers to help inform treatment plans for future patients.
Research TypeExploratory research
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